Monday, February 25, 2008

Invitations, Dress fittings, and homework

I am beginning to understand why people take a year to plan a wedding. It isn't that any of it really that difficult, it can just be sort of wearing to make decisions. The exciting thing is that I think Brad and I have nailed down the dates for all the wedding events and such. So hopefully that means that during Spring Break we will be able to order our invitations, that will be a big checkmark off the wedding to do list. So along about the beginning of April if any of you are bored feel free to stop by for a wedding invitation stuffing party.

Don't even get me started on the dress, the pattern is lovely, and the finished product will be absolutley beautiful, but the process it annoying. Making a wedding gown is difficult enough, making one long distance, well my mother and I should have our heads examined. Also as a side note vogue patterns are of the devil and are sized for short women. Mom has had to add 3 inches to the bodice and sleeves just so I won't look like Dorothy wearing one of the munchkins dresses. The second attempt at the bodice is currently in the mail on its way back to mom, so we will see what the third incarnation brings.

And of course there is school to contend with, so if any of you are good in accounting or love to do marketing plans, you might be able to make some good money if you offer to impersonate me and take a few tests for me.

I saw a quote the other day that sums it up "Obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off the goal". I keep reminding myself that my goal is to marry Brad Hansen and live a good life and the rest is just frosting.

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Katie said...

If all you need is Brad then forget the frilly foo foos and meet next weekend in Vegas. Hey, they have a temple there too ya know! But you'd still have to take a picture at a drive-in wedding chapel just to give your relations a heart attack.