Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stirring the hornet's nest

I know I am probably taking my life in my hands but I have some questions I am hoping someone can provide me insight on.

1. Why do people who have never been to BYU or lived in Provo hate BYU? ( not just in a sports rivalry setting)

2. Why do these same people view it as a virtue to hate BYU?

I just had someone make comments the other day about the fact that people who want to go to BYU aren't listening to the prophet when he said go to state schools and participate in the institute programs, and they are just being "good mormon lemmings". These types of comments are usually followed by some sort of caveat about liking and knowing people who went to BYU but they just don't like the institution. That always feels to me like when a teenager will say something insulting and then follow it with "Just Kidding". Okay, I am stepping off the soapbox now, I am truly just trying to understand this phenomenon, any insight is appreciated.