Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Changes!! Changes!!!

Attention: The wedding date has changed! Brad and I will be getting married on June 5th. Put that on your calendars. June 5th!.

Brad has signed up for a corrections officer training program that has the final practical exam on May 28th, review for the final on May 29th and then the written final on Monday June 2. Now this may not sound like a big deal but May 28th was the big family bbq, May 29th was the wedding, and June 2 was the monday after the honeymoon. Umm, let's think about this, no.

So rather than get irritated, fight fate, or throw a fit I suggested we just move the wedding to the next week, so we did. Same schedule of events, same places, just one week later. Now if we can just get the schedule for the rest of the open houses and events worked out we will be sitting pretty.

If anyone goes to the Dillard's in Logan be sure to stop by and say hi to Brad he is working security there and is evidently bored out of his gourd.

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