Saturday, February 9, 2008

2008 Valentine Letter

Dear Family and Friends February 7, 2008

I hope this New Year finds all you doing well and enjoying life with all its twists and turns. I was reminded that the season of hearts, flowers, and cupids was coming when an animated monkey singing “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Babe” by Barry White showed up in Mesa State Bookstore. This indicated it was time for my yearly update.

As you may recall from last years letter I decided to venture back into the world of higher education in pursuit of a business degree. I have managed to maintain a 4.0 for the past three semesters and I have decided to concentrate my studies in the field of marketing. This seemed to me to be the most universally applicable of the degrees available. I am actually really enjoying my studies and learning some really cool things.

This past I got tired of how gas prices were affecting my pocketbook, so I bought a bike. Now this is not just any bike, it is pink beach cruiser with white hibiscus decals all over it, the tires even have a flower tread. I got metal saddle bag baskets, a headlight, and taillight so I have been riding my bike all over town. Beyond the gas savings and exercise benefits of a bike, you just can’t help but smile when you see a pink bike with flowers on it. I will admit that since it has started snowing my bike isn’t getting quite as much use, but is still nice to have when there is no snow on the street.

The start of the new semester has brought a few other changes along with the New Year. I am now working as a cashier at the campus bookstore; it is a lot of fun always busy with lots to do. The only problem is all these books being purchased that look really interesting so then I start thinking about taking other classes. This is not a good thought process when you are trying to get through school in an expedient manner. Working with people is definitely fun, of course that could be because I love watching people.

And speaking of people watching Tamara and I went on a cruise in August. We stopped in Grand Cayman and Cozumel, swam with stingrays, and even bypassed a hurricane. It was nice to be away from life for a little while; I got a decent tan, a great pedicure, and ate wonderful food. The best part was spending a week with my sister a definite plus to the festivities.

I accomplished my goal of running a 10k race on July 4th in Provo UT, my time was under an hour so I was very happy with the experience. It was a fun week with reunions for both Mom and Dad’s families, hanging out with family is always a blast. On Friday July 6th I went on a date with a very sweet guy by the name of Brad Hansen. We met at Crossroads Mall, wandered around downtown Salt Lake and before we parted he gave me squeaky cheese brought specially from Logan for me. Well as the saying goes the rest is history, we have talked everyday since then and have decided to get married.

That is right you did read that correctly, I will be marrying Brad Hansen in the Logan Temple on May 29, 2008. Let me just tell you that he is definitely worth waiting for.
They always say that if you want to find out if God has a sense of humor tell him your plans; it hasn’t been the easiest year but definitely one of the richest. I know my Heavenly Father loves me and I wish the same knowledge for all of you.

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Larsens said...

It has been a busy year for you. We are so happy for you and Brad. And as we have talked about this before when you were 11 and told me that "of course I will get married after high school", even though it didn't happen that way, you've had so many fun life experiences that maybe you wouldn't have had if your plan happened the way you wanted going to school FOREVER!

Hang in there and know that we love you.