Thursday, May 22, 2008

2 weeks, 14 days, a fortnight! In other words entirely too long

2 weeks from today I will probably be eating breakfast in preparation of the big day. Yep you guessed my wedding is exactly 2 weeks from today. Not that I am excited or anything. Brad and I are getting our marriage license today so that will be the last of the official paperwork that we have to obtain. Yeehaww!

Okay i need some advice, we are moving into a slightly rundown basement apartment and I need some ideas of how to make it more homey. Please share any low cost ideas you might have, thanks.


Larsens said...

Give it some time. You won't even notice the surroundings for the first months or so. Save your money and just keep it clean. With all the presents etc. you will figure it out.
Why don't you post some pix from the apartment.

Megan said...

Curtains always brighten things up!

Kenna said...

Our first apartment was a dingy basement, too. So dark that our towels never dried from the shower - they'd still be damp the next morning. We had to replace them twice! It had approximately 4 square feet of counter space in the kitchen and while usually I do exaggerate, this time I'm not. I really did measure. And despite all that, we have very fond memories of our first home. There was nothing beautiful or luxurious about that place except for the fact that it was our first home together.

All sentiments aside, I think you should get a UB Home Collection (I'm on it!) and a rug - because no matter how bad everything else can be, a rug can pull it all together. :)