Saturday, November 26, 2011

East Coast Trip day 3 Philadelphia

Tamara, Brad, and I spent the day in downtown Philadelphia. The first thing we did was take a "Duck Tour". These are tours where they use vehicles patterned after WWII amphibious assault vehicles. We drove around the historical areas of Philadelphia and then out onto the river. This nice gentleman was our captain and tour guide.
This girl was another of the captains and is evidently a huge Phillies fan. She said she always wears fun socks like this, "no point in being too grown up".
This was the crew of a Norwegian tall masted ship that was in the harbor. They were out site seeing just like us.

Don't know where this guy was going, but he was certainly dressed for a special occasion. He was also striding along quite determinedly.

This gentleman was our tour guide of Independence Hall. Needless to say not only did we get great information, but we were able to hear every single word he had to say. I think he must have trained with a professional voice coach to be able to throw is voice around a space so completely.
Independence Hall
"Duh, daaa, Duh, Daaa, du, du, du,du daaaaaa (Anyonelse hear the Rocky theme)
Just what every city needs a giant clothes pin.
I loved all the intricate architecture of downtown Philadephia.
This couple was getting their wedding pictures taken on a median in the middle of the street, I loved the juxtaposition of the wedding and urban surroundings.
It is a little hard to be able to see the exact perspective but these cars are parked in the median of a 4 lane road. Evidently there isn't enough parking along the sides of the street. Later on down the road there was even a gulf stream trailer parked in the middle of the road.

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