Thursday, November 24, 2011

East Coast Trip Day 2 Atlantic City

We decided to use our second day of our trip to take it easy and just do some low key site seeing in Atlantic City. This was partially motivated by the fact that Brad and I watch "Diners, Drive- Ins, and Dives" and there area couple of restaurants from the Atlantic City area that have been featured on the show. I loved this sign so I had to takes it picture. All I can say about the Board walk in Atlantic City is that it is kind of like a nightclub it shouldn't been seen when it isn't crowded and at the wrong time of day. If all the booths had been open we could have had our palms read and gotten a massage about every 50 feet, and of course purchased tacky t-shirts in between.
A casino called "The Resort" was being picketed by Union Organizers when we were there, I tried to be sneaky so I wouldn't get anybody angry. I though the casino was pretty creative to counter act the protestors chants they piped out over their sound system some employees chanting "We love Resorts".
Just struck me as picture worthy.
The seagulls were pretty entertaining both of these guys were eating their lunches and the seagulls were all trying to stare them down to get a bite. They literally just sat their completely still and watched these guys eat. You can't see it but down on the sand there are even more just staring up hoping these guys will drop a morsel of food.

"Maui's Dog House". So Yummy definitely worth the drive and by far the best hot dog ever.

Awesome french toast, little tiny, tiny diner with people you can tell have worked together and known each other for years. Next it is on to downtown Philadelphia.

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