Friday, January 9, 2009

First Married Christmas

We got to spend out first married Christmas at our own apartment. Don't we just look lovely. I let Brad sleep in while I got breakfast ready and then I just had to make him get up so we could have Christmas. The beanie I am wearing was made by a friend of mine, she does great work if you need something knitted.

Don't you just love my beautiful Santa hat, I felt that I needed to get into the spirit of the holiday. Of course by posting this picture you now all know what my lovely robe looks like. I made sure to get the type of candy that mom always put in our stockings growing up and Brad provided the nuts and fruit that are tradition with his family.
This is our beautiful tree that had a bit of hard life because it had to be moved after it was already decorated. I think my favorite part though was Brad's absolutely gorgeous morning hair.
We had a bit of an interesting time with Brad's family on Christmas day. Brad's mom fell the week before Christmas and broke her leg, so she was in the hospital. So we all gathered in a classroom at the hospital to open presents and spend sometime with family. This is Brad's niece holding the newest nephew addition to the family.
Brad's mom gave all of the members of the family emergency backpacks it was fun to watch the little kids open them and wonder what exactly this present was all about. Our new emergency backpacks are all packed, ready to go, and in the closet.

Here is the lovely new bathrobe that my mother made for me so now I don't have to wear my old (15 yrs) ratty one with a hole in the shoulder and under the arm. Thank you Mom! I love it.
The search has ended! Ever since I saw "The Lakehouse", I have wanted a red, toggle closure coat and have been unable to find one. I would find the right style but wrong color, or right color wrong style. My wonderful husband saw one in a day after christmas ad and bought it for me for Christmas. I love it, love it, love it. And I really love the fact that he gave me something that I truly want.


Hillbillieclan said...

Only thing better than the first married Christmas is the 1st Christmas with kids.

Katie said...

ROck on Brad! You're scoring big points with the wife!

Larsens said...

I'm so glad that you now have your long-awaited coat. Every time I see ads for coats, I think of you and your quest for the red toggle coat. I'm glad the search is over! It looks like Brad got stickers for Christmas. Did he get anything else. Emergency kits are such a great idea.