Saturday, February 14, 2009

2009 Valentine Letter

These are the presents my handsome husband brought me for Valentine's Day.

Dear Family & Friends February 7, 2009

It is time once again for the annual day of hearts, flowers, and jewelry (preferably from KAY or Jared, at least according to the television). This increase in jewelry commercials indicates that it is once again time to write my, or should I say our, Valentine Letter. This is an exciting letter to write because there have been quite a few changes this year.
Change number one consists of a change of name and a change of address. On June 5th, Elizabeth Larsen married Brad Hansen, and we set up house in Logan Utah. My family stepped up to the plate and not only dealt with a last minute change of reception venue in a graceful manner they also doubled as wedding planners. One sister made the wedding cake, mom made the gown, another sister did the hair and make up, one niece did the decorating and another niece designed the invitations. Maybe this is a sign that the Larsen family should go into the wedding business. The occasion was wonderful and only made better by the good weather dispensation we received after a week of cold rainy weather.
I spent the summer working at Target doing an internship where I received training in all the departments and they even let me try my hand at decorating cakes. It was challenging and a lot of fun. Brad spent a portion of his summer applying to work for the Cache County Sheriff’s department, and started work at the jail in August. So he now spends his time at work babysitting people who can’t manage to behave themselves. We traveled quite a bit right after the wedding with a reception in Grand Junction, CO and another in my hometown of Las Cruces, NM.
I do have to say that being married is tons of fun, especially to a guy like Brad who is kind, generous, funny, and gives great hugs. I have learned however, that if I couldn’t cook we would be eating out a lot. I do have to say though that Brad makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich so that is now his official job in our home.
Even though we were newlyweds, we decided it would be best for me to finish my last semester of school back in Grand Junction. So in the middle of August we packed up my car and I headed back to Mesa State College to finish my Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing. I graduated successfully in December and even managed to achieve a 4.0. Brad survived on his own, although he did mention that he was sick and tired of eating apples, yogurt, peanut butter and tortillas.
We spent our first married Christmas here in Logan, it was fun to see another families Christmas traditions. These traditions were a little different this year because just before Christmas Brad’s mother fell and broke her leg so we celebrated Christmas in the hospital. Christmas did have a bit of a drama to it because I found out right before New Year’s that I wouldn’t be starting my job at Target on January 5th. So instead of starting work I got the fun of starting to look for work. While the process was long and frustrating at times I started work at the end of January as an Office Manager for a company here in Logan.
I am including a few pictures from some of our fun activities during the past year. Hope you all have a great year, and remember that as fun as Valentine’s Day is it is important to make sure the people in your life know you love them everyday.

Love, Elizabeth and Brad

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