Saturday, December 27, 2008

Brad and I spent Thanksgiving with his family and fine Turkey day tradition we broke out the football Brad got for last Christmas and played a little catch in the front yard.Brad looking all rugged and athletic
Brad's brother Dave, with Chace and Adrian.
Chace being rugged and athletic like his uncle.
He could go all the way!!!
I will say that one of the parts of marriage that takes the most getting used to is adjusting to a different families traditions. It is still fun, just different. We didn't manage to get pictures taken but Christmas night it snowed about 15 inches here in Cache Valley. So I am definitely getting the appropriate initiation to Logan winters. Let me just say it is impressive, at least it would be if we owned something more technologically advanced than a snow shovel.

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Larsens said...

And now you can start forcing your own traditions on Brad. Good luck.