Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wow, my mom is talented

Mom and Dad came up to visit this week, because the point has come in the dress making process that requires it to be fitted to me. And I just have to say that my mother is one talented lady, it isn't even finished yet and it is already beautiful. We are going to David's Bridal tomorrow to try on sashes so that mom won't have to make one. We are doing shopping for fabric for table runners and shopping for the centerpieces.

Melinda sent a piece of wedding cake up for me and it is really really good. I don't know why she was worried about if I would like it, I mean after all it is cake and mom loves it so I was sure it is great. Now I can give it my full and total endorsement. I feel bad for mom and dad because they came all this way and my schedule is such that I am not available all that much.

Brad said that he is jealous that I got to try the wedding cake before he did, but he decided that he could be patient.

I have great news: I have been offered an internship for the summer with Target. It is a 10 week internship and I will get 3 credits of academic credit for it. Of course it is necessary for me to pass a drug test and a background check, so it might be a little shaky (because of my crazy past) wink, wink. I am the most boring person on the planet I pity the person who has the job of processing my drug test because it is absolutely boring. I am really excited about this opportunity because I will get to learn all about Target and how it works.

Brad started his training as a corrections officer this week, so far he has enjoyed it. He has said that he would like to work his way up and become an instructor at the police academy. I think this would be marvelous because I know that he would be really really good at it.


Megan Zimmerman said...

the day draws ever closer!!! I am so excited for you!

~Whitney~ said...

Just over a month away! Very exciting! Hey, take a break from Wedding and let me tag you.....

Katie said...

Do you get a discount at Target? I may have to come visit. weddings, you know, those come around all the time, but a discount at Target? I'll be there in a heartbeat! :)