Thursday, April 10, 2008

Princess Dresses and much more

I was the guest of honor at my first official bridal shower. My sister-in-law, sister, and best friend were kind enough to through me a party. They were also kind enough to no subject me to any ridiculous party games for which I am exceedingly grateful. We had lots of delicious food, a must for any successful party, lots of presents, and much fun. Erica and Katies provided a 72 hour Honeymoon survival kit complete with feather boa, bottles of water, baby oil, and peanut butter crackers. Marja got her contribution at Victoria's Secret and when Katelyn (who is 3 years old) saw what was in the boxes she exclaimed, "oh, look princess dresses". So we laughed for the rest of the evening about my "princess dresses". Everyone was so generous and lots of cousins and even my Aunt Arda came it was great.

Well, it is officially official. The announcements/invitations are in the mail. I am sure the guy who picks up the mail at the campus drop box loved opening it up to find 350 envelopes. Many kudos to Brad for sticking the return labels on every single envelope and then helping to put the announcement inside, and to Candy for inserting maps, sticking stamps, and moinstening envelope flaps. All that is left is the hand delivered ones, which will make church entertaining because it is always fun to hand out things in hopes that people won't be offended they didn't get one.

To update everyone on the count down we are under 2 months now. Yippee!!!!!!!!!! June 5th everybody, June 5th is the big day.

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Katie said...

We got the announcement! Cute cute cute!