Saturday, April 14, 2012

Feeling very accomplished today!

I have finished one of my sewing projects that I decided to take on before the baby arrives. I realized this winter that I desperately needed to replace my bath robe that I made for myself about 11 years ago. It is literally falling apart. Well today I finished the replacement. Yeehaww! Once it gets washed a couple of times is should be sufficiently soft that I can get ride of the old one. Now on to the big project making the babies crib bedding. I have picked out the cutest fabric ever. Once I get the quilt top put together I will post a picture so you can all see. We have also picked out a color for our new shutters that we are putting up on the house. Next weekend will be painting day and then our house will not be so beige anymore.

If you are ever in cache valley and in need of a pedicure I can tell you the place to go. Serendipity is the best. But then again anywhere that will pamper my feet for a hour is pretty high on my list of awesome places. One of the perks of being pregnant is that my fingernails and toenails have taken on an amazing toughness. I have the best fingernails I have ever had in my life, the hormone swings may make for some interesting emotional states but they certainly provide some nice benefits.

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