Monday, March 12, 2012

Introducing Pepsi

Since I am 20 weeks pregnant I guess it is time to introduce the world to the new addition to our family. Since the doctor says the baby is approximately the size of a can of soda we have chosen the name Pepsi. So far everything is progressing normally, but I am glad those ultrasound techs can tell what is going on because for the most part it just looked like a whole bunch of light and dark blurs. We are so excited to welcome this munchkin to our family. My due date is July 26. So far I don't look pregnant I just look like I am getting chubby around the waist. I promise to post pictures as my waist band expands.

1 comment:

Darcy said...

Yay, so did you not find out what gender pepsi is?
I'm glad that pepsi is healthy