Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Birthday Paty

This last saturday I decided it was time to christen our house with a halloween party. Given that my birthday is right before Halloween this has always been one of my favorite holidays. And of course there had to be costumes. My niece Kelly came up for the weekend and my friend Erica came up for the day. Brad even managed to survive having his hair sprayed purple in honor of the occasion.

Who knew a witch, Amelia Bedelia, and a geisha girl could be such good friends. I was impressed with Erica's ingenuity with her costume. She says she has been using it for years and frequently will use it when she goes in to work with her kids classes and teaches them cooking. Brad's niece looking adorable in her little red riding hood ensemble. She had fun running around all night and charming everyone insight.

Can't you tell how excited Brad was to have a house full of people and purple hair as well. At least he tried to get into the spirit of the occasion with a skull t-shirt.
Who knew the green lantern would enjoy playing Wii games so much. It kept him occupied for most of the evening and so kept the destruction to a minimum.

Here we are again, hair is courtesy of Kelly. I promise she really tried to show me how to do curls with a flat iron, I will just have to keep practicing.
Brad's sister Angie and his sister in law Katie. Angie channeled her halloween spirit with spiderweb earrings, and Katie took her inspiration from lady gaga. Fortunately she decided not to go with the meat dress.
Friends for longer than I care to admit but since I am turning 36 and we were roommates in 97 I will let you do the math. We are both doing weight watchers and have lost a combined 37 pounds in the past 3 months. Go us. As Erica puts it she just has two babies worth of weight left to lose.
As you can tell we were all mesmerized by the Wii I think this was the point at which the boys were discussing the it isn't cheating just because you are winning.
Who me?

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