Friday, January 15, 2010

Big Time Blog Slacker

Okay, so I am the worst blogger ever. Between working (what feels like all the time) and a computer that is terminally slow I am not the diligent in keeping our blog up to date. With the holidays over and a 3 day weekend in front of me I am taking the opportunity to craft an update.

Fortunately we did take pictures to document most of our adventures. In case I haven't informed everyone I have been working for Target since August. Let me tell you, until you have worked retail between Thanksgiving and Christmas you have not truly experienced the craziness of holiday shopping. Needless to say with me working retail and Brad in Law Enforcement our holiday observance was a little less then traditional, but we still had fun.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and enjoyed the holiday season however you celebrated.

First up in the photo montage are from my birthday.

Mom thought that living in the frigid north I might enjoy and outdoor thermometer.

The newest addition to the Hansen Family Library Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol", good book fairly anticlimatic ending.

Brad got me some new shoes for work, while practical they also have cute little flowers on the side, it helps to add just a little bit of whimsy when you are on your feet all day.

In November Brad and I took his sister down to the MTC to prepare for her mission to Sacramento California.One of my favorite parts about Christmas is making Christmas cookies for family and friends. I usually just make sugar cookies, but this year i decided to throw in a little family tradition. Angel thumbprint cookies from Brad's family and Biscochos from my family.

Brad got a kick out of how my culinary efforts covered the kitchen in treats. Of course in our little kitchen it isn't hard to cover every flat surface with cookies. The funnest part of the whole enterprise was delivering them to family and friends and getting the chance to chat and catch up.

This year in stead of buying our tree from a tree lot Brad and I got a permit and went up to Idaho and picked our own tree out of the forest. I was even the one who cut it down, the chainsaw refused to work for Brad, so I went old school and used the bow saw.

We spent Christmas Eve at Brad's parent's house, his niece Mia asked to use our little point and shoot digital camera. Brad gave her a few quick instructions and turned her loose. The following pictures were taken by a precocious 5 year old.

this is Mia using an old film point and shoot before for conning Uncle Brad out of our camera.

Me and Kat, playing games and eating treats.

The traditional reading of the Christmas story.

Brad's father

sister in law Caroline, and mom of the artistic Mia

Aunt Laurie

Cute little Mia with her adorable glasses and grin.

Christmas afternoon, Brad had to work until 3pm so we opened presents when he got home.

Evidently enjoying the stocking treats.

Checking to see if there is anything left to find.

Tamara gave Brad this adorable Santa hat, doesn't he look cute.

Brad totally faked me out. He had me open this set of presents in a certain order had me totally thinking that he was buying me supplies to clean up and accessorize my camera. The final present was a brand new digital camera Canon rebel T1i, along with a macro lens to play with.

Brad's DVD haul.

Brad's new wool coat that he looks quite dashing in.

Brad insisted I upload this video he shot of me opening my new camera.


Megan Zimmerman said...

Oh yes, I feel your retail pain!! I work for a toy store...and worked crazy hours!! Hopefully things will quiet down now that the holidays are over! I miss you!

peter said...

Merry Christmas! It's fun so see you with Brad's family. Congratulations on the new camera, that is exciting.