Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Crazy Summer

Our computer was in the shop for a couple of months, and then I started a new job that is currently taking a lot of time. I finally managed to find a little free time so I am providing an update of the last few months.

Our landlord and friend spent a week camping (staying in her dad's tricked out fifth wheel) up at Bear Lake, we took a day off and went up to enjoy the scenery and cooler temperatures. Our friends have a couple of the cutest kids. This little guy is the youngest, not only cute but a chunk as well.

Brad and I were given a little handpowered snowcone maker for our wedding along with some snowcone cups and flavoring. We thought this would be something fun to share with the little kids. This is Brad being the snowcone king, and therefore cementing his place in the kids good graces.

Brad and I got the chance to play babysitter after the son of another friend camping with us took a header into the water spigot and had to be run to the clinic to get stitches. The mom was a real trooper, especially since she is a nurse and had to watch calmly while the techs at the clinic fumbled around trying to figure out how to sedate and stitch up her sons head.

My niece Megan got married in May, it was a beautiful day in American Fork. The groom was handsome and bride was beautiful. She chose the colors of yellow and green so everything was very light and summery. Megan's dress was very classy, the best touch was the broach on her sash is from her grandmother.

My handsome brother and handsome husband waiting for the cute ocuple after the wedding.

Elle and her cute green toenails waiting with the flowers for the bride. I really need to start getting cute pedicures too.

Look at those beautiful flowers, and grandmothers broach mentioned earlier.
One of Megan's bridals featured her and a neat vintage yellow truck and these adorable yellow shoes. So cute.
During the ring ceremony a summer storm started to blow in. While the decrease in temperature was much appreciated it did cause some problems with the flower arrangements on the tables. This is a picture of us all holding on to table linens and the flower vases.
The decorations were really cute they had the reception at a park in Orem with theses great pergolas. They had hung chinese lanterns in white yellow and green which as the sun went down made for some great ambiance.
We saw this rainbow from the freeway on our way home. Brad did a great job of taking a picture on the fly.
Spring semester of 1996 I had the opportunity to spend the semester studying in nauvoo. This summer we had a reunion, it was great to be able to catch up with everyone, and see where they are now. Of course no one thought to take a picture until most of the light had gone.
Theses are girls are the ones for the Yearsley house, where I lived. Elizabeth Steed, and Mandi Sorenson were not able to be there but Shannon, Jayna, Michelle, and I all managed to attend. It was good to see these girls.
The next of the event of the summer was Brad's nieces wedding. The cake wasn't real but it was still beautiful so I took a picture. I loved her use of apple green and eggplant purple, it was elegant and fresh all at the same time.
Chelsey's sister did her pictures and these were the ones they chose to enlarge and have the reception. I love her birdcage veil, so vintage and classy. The reception was at a refurbished train depot in historic downtown Logan.
These are some of Brad's nieces and nephews clustered around the buffet table. I don't know about you but this looks like trouble to me. They also look really cute discussing which treats they want.
This is the cute couple.
The next big event of the summer is my nephew Jeff's wedding in Boise. It was really fun because all of his brothers and sisters came into town. So I got the chance to see all of my new grand nieces and nephews. This is adorable little Hannah, Katie's youngest. Not only is she cute but she has really strong jaws.
This adorable little boy is Kristy's little Jacob. He was having fun exploring the temple grounds with Alex trying to keep him corraled.
My two beautiful sisters waiting for the couple outside the temple. I am impressed with their coordinating skills, especially since they also managed to work within the Bride's color scheme of yellow and red.
Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Gibson. I love the red sash.
Mom pinning the boutineer on the groom. I love her gorgeous flowers.
Caitlin getting hugs from Aunt Melanie. It was so fun to see all these cute kids and how they have grown up.
All the little nieces were in the absolutely adorable yellow and red dresses. They all had fun dancing and twirling in their fun skirts.
I am sure the photographers picture was much cuter but I couldn't resist trying to capture all of this cuteness.
Even the mother of the bride gets beautiful flowers. I even go the privlege of pinning them on.
The handsome groom, a college graduate and a new husband all in the same summer, what a lucky guy. Of course he also got lucky enough to snag Melanie, so I guess he really is lucky.
The goodlooking gibson group (how is that for aliteration).
My sister in law has the best style. If only I could manage to achieve a portion of that coolness.
More cuteness
Hanging out with uncle Rodney.
Jeff and Melanie have quite the dancing skills you will notice the gorgeaous red shoes in some of the other shoes. This girl really is a great addition to the family. Cute, smart, funny, and for some reason she likes Jeff so I guess we will keep her.

Aren't those three beautiful women. Rachel, katie, and Elizabeth. I can only hope that I will have equally cute children.
Mom and Dad even got up and danced, haven't seen that one for a long long time. Dad may move slowly but he still has the moves.
Aunt Melinda wanted to get in on the dancing as well, Jeff was good enough to oblige. I think from the smile she was enjoying herself.


Darcy said...

You have been busy. It is so fun to go places and be with family. I love the pictures. I hope the new job is going great!

Darcy said...

I heard you like nibley. I can show you lots of places in our neighborhood, we would love to have you!! Email me or call, we can take a tour!!!!!!!