Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gorgeous former roommate and her handsome husband

My former roommate Monica (The beautiful and amazing marathon runner) married Tim (the ultra cool real estate agent) on Monday, and had a reception at her parents home in Santaquin the next evening. The weather was a tad difficult, it insisted on sprinkling most of the time. Monica, still managed to look radiant and beautiful. Here dress was so classy and flattering, kind of like Monica herself.
I can't even express how happy I am for them. Monica and I were roommates about 10 years ago after I graduated from BYU. We had a great time playing softball, flag football, and watching movies that Monica usually slept through. I am so glad that a great guy like Tim (he actually runs the marathons with her) finally realized how amazing this woman is.

The other perk of the reception was that I got to chat with Erica while we drove to Santaquin. Brad couldn't come with me because of work. We had fun shopping for a present at Target, and just generally being chatty girls. On the "It's a Small World" front, we sat at the same table with a cousin of a family that Erica grew up with in Washington. It was a fun event, if you want to see a better picture of Monica in her gorgeous gown go to this is the same photographer who did my wedding pictures, she is amazing, as well as being Monica's sister-in-law.

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Monica said...

I loved your post, I loved even more that you and Erica came to the reception. You need to email me that picture of the two of us. Check out my blog, it doesn't have the reception photos yet, but it does have a bunch from the wedding.