Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Simple Things

I have discovered www.goodreads.com and it is so much fun. Of course, I am a complete and total book nerd so keep that in mind. This site is another social networking type site, but the fun part is that it is all about letting your friend know what you are reading and what you think of those books. I have been having a blast looking at what my friends have been reading and compiling this great reading list. I am sure the Logan City library is going to get completely tired of me. Just thought I would share my newest little obsession, which will come in handy here in a week when Brad switches over to swing shift and I have my evenings free.

I also have to say I am so glad that we have a had a couple of days of wonderful weather. I spent Sunday afternoon in a chair on my back lawn, enjoying the decadence of reading a book out in the sunshine. Sometimes it really is the simple things that are the best.

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Katie said...

You make me jealous!