Sunday, January 20, 2008

Details, Details, Details

Well we are moving right along with the wedding plans and getting ready to merge our lives together. Although I do have to say it is quite interesting to try and do a bridal registery long distance. Definitely one of the more entertaining aspects of the whole long distance relationship things, trying to describe towels and bedding over the phone.

As far as the wedding plans go we have found a place for the reception, the temple is booked, we have a photographer, and a pattern for the wedding dress. So all those things are falling into place.

Now all Brad and I have to do is survive the next semester of school for me and get through FTO with the Logan Police Department for Brad. We are both doing the best we can to be positive about having to be apart but let me tell you it ain't easy. I have a new found respect for war brides, and military wives.

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Larsens said...

and those brides-to-be who live like 10,000 miles away, and won't see their fiance at all until 2 weeks before the wedding. Tell me about difficult when the whole country has a mail strike for a month. But you know how I feel about you complaining about a "long distance" engagement. It is hard, though.