Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Cute Baby to Brighten your Easter Morning

First order of business.  Caleb is officially 8 months old. He is also the best entertainment in the world.  He is currently playing in his excersaucer next to the desk while I type, providing vociferous commentary on what I write.  In case you were wondering if he is still adorable below is photographic evidence.  (Thank you to our next door neighbor Susan for letting us use her photo studio to take some pictures).

 I found a lady through facebook who makes these cute "Easter buckets" and I figured that I might as well get ahead of the curve and get one now.  Evidently I made a good choice because Caleb loved playing with it while we took pictures.
 Not only did he wear the hat he didn't care when we turned it around backwards and put it back on when it fell off.

 This is Caleb's Easter outfit.  Thank you to Children's Place for having the cute little hat and polo shirt. Silly me thought that because there were Easter dresses all over creation that I would be able to find something cute for my little boy.  Not so.  Evidently little boys aren't expected to need to dress up.  I finally found cute little shirt, vest, tie combos on but of course I had waited too long and they wouldn't get here in time.
 So after a few rushed lunch hour shopping trips, a plea for suggestions on facebook, and little frustration I managed to put together this cute ensemble.  Of course it never hurts to have a cute baby to dress, that smile makes anything look good.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter, Passover, First Day of Spring, or whatever you choose to celebrate.

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