Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome to the New Year

I am happy to report that Brad and I survived the holidays. Now if the weather would just decide what season it wants to be. We have been having fun during the last few months.

We took a quick trip down to New Mexico to spend part of Thanksgiving with my family since everyone else was going to be there. When I say quick I truly mean quick. We flew out of SLC airport at 7:30pm on Wednesday and flew back into SLC airport at 7:30pm on Thursday. Those are the breaks when you work in retail and the biggest shopping day of the year is the day after Thanksgiving.

We took our annual trip to see the lights at Temple Square with Erica's family. She and her kids are always so fun to spend time with. We took some pictures using the tripod it was fun to be able to take night pictures that look decent.

Brad and I have been having fun playing in the snow. Last year Brad took a snowboarding lesson, so this year we got season passes to Beaver. So far we have been up to the mountain 3 times, it is so fun to have a hobby we can share together. I also got the opportunity to go to a women's snowboarding clinic, so much fun. Met some really cool ladies who snowboard and got to spend the day playing in 8 inches of new powder.

I am attaching some pictures from our recent adventures. I promise to try to keep the blog more up to date in the future.

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