Sunday, May 30, 2010

Update on our Lives and our house

The end of February saw Brad and I on our way down to New Mexico to visit my parents. We went to visit my niece Megan at her place of work at the Farm and Ranch Museum. The following pictures are of some of her coworkers.

We got together for a girls night at Melinda's house, the necessary things were there. Pizza, chocolate, a chick flick and lots of girl talk.

On our way back up to Logan we stopped in Cortez Colorado to visit a friend of Brad's. Jim and Brad got to be friends working together just after Brad came home from his mission. He now teaches high school spanish in Cortez.

Now all the fun of moving. NOT!!!! In case you don't know this already, moving is not fun. These are just a few of the pictures of that fun little adventure, but at least it didn't snow on us. So I guess I will have to be grateful for a small favor.

This is the family room of our house filled with the boxes and furniture. It does look a lot better now but I don't have any pictures of that yet.
The front living room filled with more boxes and random bits of furniture. The piano will reside in this room eventually.
Brad looking like we all felt by this point in the day. Tired and tired, even pizza only did so much to pep us back up.
The family room starting to look a little more room like and a little less garage sale. The accent wall was one of the first things we changed, it was originally an olive green color, so it got painted immediately. The red wall in the master bed room got painted the same color soon after.

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Katie said...

yea! Love the pics. Glad the girls night was so ,uch fun and that you're all moved in. I heard the housewarming party was fun. Miss you!