Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthday Weekend & Graduation

Brad attended graduation ceremonies for the Corrections Academy, I was unable to be there because it was during the week, and unfortunately I still have classes to finish up. But I did tell him to take pictures.

I was able to go up to Logan for my birthday it was so much fun. First I stopped off in Orem and had dinner with Rodney, Marja, and their exchange student Jorge at PF Changs. Yeah! for chinese food.

Brad and I spent saturday doing absolutely nothing productive, went to the gym, went for a little hike up Logan canyon, and listened to the USU/ Fresno state game on the radio and of course had dinner at Cafe Rio, my personal favorite.


Hillbillieclan said...

Brad looks so cute in his uniform.

Larsens said...

Congrats, Brad!!