Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jobs beginning, jobs ending, and school almost done

Guess What!! Brad will be starting with Cache County Sheriffs Department on Monday August 11. He will be working in the jail babysitting all the people who have a hard time behaving themselves.

I will be finishing up my internship with Target on August 8. I presented my project finding to the store managers in the area and the district managers on August 1. It seemed to go well I got alot of positive comments. It has been an interesting summer. I have worked with every team in the store which has meant going in to work at 3:30am and sometimes coming home at 11pm. So needless to say it has been a little crazy but lots of fun.

School starts again on August 18, I will be returning to Grand Junction to finish up my last 4 classes and Brad will be staying here in Logan. While this is not the option we really love it will take the least amount of time and cost the least amount of money. I figure if military wives can say goodbye to their husbands for 6 months to a year, I can tough it out for 3 1/2 months. Especially since we can see each other on the weekends and talk every night.

We have had a nice weekend off of work, sleeping in, working out, going to dinner, watching movies, playing minature golf, hiking, going to Brad's nephews baby blessing. It has been fun.

I got to go to the BYU Women's Football Clinic on Thursday and can I just say I am impressed with the program, with the players and with the coach. Coach Mendenhall gets it, he understands that as players for BYU they are equated with the church, so he holds his players to a high standard of behavior both on and off the field. The highlight of the evening was sitting on the fifty yard line of LaVell Edwards stadium watching highlights from the 2o07 season on the jumbotron. Very cool.


Larsens said...

Good luck. Rod and I were apart for a year when he was driving truck, not seeing each other for 4 weeks at a time. Time flies even though you think now that it is so long. You will look back next spring and think "where did the fall semester go?"

Katie said...

My mom has experience with the separated spouse thing too. You can do it. Just keep really busy. And that's cool about the BYU football camp. I have one very jealous husband!