Friday, December 14, 2007

Kind of addicting

I am kind of amazed at how addicting this blogging thing is. I don't really have much to say, just felt like rambling for a little bit.

I have discovered that planning a wedding when you are a very opinionated person can be a bit of a challenge. I have a vision in mind and it becomes very frustrating when no one really seems to share my vision. Oh, well I guess that just means I will have to get creative. I will admit that and are fun because they have pictures of actual real weddings. This is good because they usually provide much better ideas then the professional websites that are just trying to get you to buy their products.

I don't know if I have mentioned this before but being in long distance relationship is completely yucky. I don't recommend it at all, but alas and alack it is what I am stuck with right now so I have gotten good at looking at the positives.

Positives of a long distance relationship:
  1. Conversation: You have to talk to and get to know the person you are in a relationship with because talking is all you have. I figure Brad and I have talked to each other more than couples that have been together for a year because we can't just sit and watch a movie together we have to talk.
  2. Save money: Can't go on dates every weekend, so it saves you money. (of course this all goes out the window when you can finally travel and see each other)
  3. Good Foundation: Allows you to make sure that you really do like each other and it isn't just the hormones making decisions for you.
  4. Solidifies Commitment: Long distance is not easy you have to work twice as hard to make sure the other person knows you care for them and that they are important, because you don't have the other nonverbal forms of communication.
  5. Lots of Special Occasions: Because you don't see each other much, what time you do spend together is a special occasion.

Okay, now just to balance it out.

Negatives of a Long Distance relationship:

  1. No Hugs: On those long, hard, irritating days, when all you need to make the world better is a hug, they just aren't available.
  2. Lack of real life face time: Can't just be together, on those nights when you don't ahve much to say you can't just sit and be together you have to talk, gets old sometimes.

There are my random thoughs for the day about long distance relationships. Long distance is not what I would have chosen but when I decided to try the on line dating thing that was one of the possibilities I had to be willing to accept. I is possible, even doable, just not ideal so to all of you out there in long distance relationships, keep your chin up.

I get to go try on wedding dresses this saturday, should be fun to play princess for a few hours.


The GLASMANNagerie said...

Okay, you are there with the blogging thing. Check out ours. We are so happy for you. Ours is We are very happy for you and Brad. Keep us in the loop and if you get a chance to come by we would love to see you!!
Reed and Peggy

Larsens said...

Negatives=NO KISSING! That should be on top of the list of negatives.
Like I said, Grand Junction-Logan is not really a long distance thing. It will soon end, thank goodness.